Alne Village Hall

alne_village_hallAlne Village Hall was formerly the village school, built in 1877 on Glebe land.The school was formally made over to the Archdeacon of Cleveland, by deed, as a Church of England School. It became the much used community building in 1972, when the pupils moved into a new school building.

Of note is G. J. F. Newey’s lovely time piece, possibly installed in the 1880s, showing the time inside and outside the hall. The clock is still wound up weekly, and keeps good time, in particular after its repairs and renovation in 2012 by Mr Carter and Mr Bacon. Generous donations by local villagers helped fund these repairs.

Over the years, various extensions and improvements have been made to the Village Hall to keep up with modern times and community needs.  Indeed, the hall is currently being upgraded once again to a building fit for the 21st Century, including aiming for a smaller carbon footprint.

The Village Hall is a registered charity and managed by a dedicated group of volunteers. The management committee consists of: G Gaudian (chairperson), M Brewer (Treasurer), R Ness (Secretary), S Chehab (Bookings), M Tym, S. Kenny, M Soper, J Macrae, P Gobbi, P Pederson, C Bullock. In addition, people in the village kindly offer their skills and time to help with such ongoing tasks as tidying around the village hall, some spring cleaning and minor repairs, and winding up the clock! This is very much appreciated.

Alne Community Events 2017.01Regular

Bakery Van comes to the village hall! Every Saturday  8 to 9 am,

Pop-up cafe 8 to 10am, every First Saturday of the month.


Hiring the Hall (2017): You can hire the hall for your own parties, classes, or meetings, etc. 

Contact Suzanne on 01347 838997; mobile: 07971 689377; e-mail:;

        Village Hall hiring conditions can be found by clicking: here.


The main hall:     Alne residents: £9.- per hour;  non - residents: £16.- per hour

The small meeting room: Alne residents: £6.- per hour; non-residents: £9.- per hour

 For a donation to our renovation fund, you can also hire our crockery, glass ware and cutlery for those larger private events at home.


General Contacts:   

Chair – Gudrun 01347 838864

Secretary – Rosemary 01347 838384

Bookings – Suzanne on 01347 838997; mobile: 07971 689377

Tickets for 'Old red Eyes' from Rosemary or direct from

Latest News:

For a summary history of the renovation of the village hall please go to the renovation sub-page. Only the most recent renovation events are listed here.

New fire door: (Mar 2017):A grant from NYCC will help install a new fire door. Thank you.

Renovating old kitchen (Dec 2016): Thanks to a grant from WREN we can complete this project, starting spring 2017.

The January Quiz was well attended and raised over £400 for the village hall. Thank you! The winning team is currently sorting the next quiz on 18th March.

The January Pop-up-cafe saw record numbers of happy customers - thank you to all those lovely volunteers who helped make it happen.

Table Tennis: if you fancy a game or two, you can use our table tennis in the hall; just make a donation to our renovation fund. Bring your own bat.

Recycling Area: there is a small recycling area in front of the hall, for the recycling of glass, tins and some plastics, card and paper. The bins are emptied by the county council's contractors - however - the village hall is responsible for keeping the area looking tidy. Please help us with this, by disposing of your recyclables in a responsible way! It is so frustrating to brush up other people's mess!


Various groups use the Village Hall regularly:

Alne Local Produce and Fairtrade Market (Alf),

Brownies and Rainbows,

Dance, Pilates, Exercise Class

Alne Choir

Women’s Institute

Alne Primary School


Alne Parish Council

As well as being regularly hired out for private parties and events, the Village Hall is the venue for the popular Quiz Night, second hand book sales and jumble sales.If you fancy setting up a group or activity based in the hall, or to book the hall for private parties or events, please contact the Bookings Secretary.

Supporting our Village Hall: you can support the village hall by purchasing a lottery ticket (contact Jean 838406), with a monthly draw. We always welcome you giving a bit of your time to help with some of the maintenance jobs, such as cutting back the plants outside, scrubbing down walls, steaming the chairs, painting etc.

And most importantly - come to our events in the Village Hall - Thank you in advance!