The Home Page of the Hovingham Mixed Tennis League (15 clubs, 26 teams)

The Presentation Dinner will be held at The Durham Ox on Monday 16-October. Invitations will go out on 01-Sep.

The Brotherton Cup will be played at Wigginton on Monday 04-September. Click here for details.


Robert Brech, Alne, Secretary. Alex Jones, Raskelf. Zoe Browne, Terrington.

Contact the Secretary on or 01347-838265 or 07724-185661.


2017 LEAGUE AND CUP  (click on a link and a new window will open) 

2017 Fixtures Division 1       2017 Fixtures Division 2        2017 Fixtures Division 3

2017 Cup Draw                      2017 Nominated Players          2017 League Tables        2017 Report Week 16     2017 Report Week 17


2017 DOCUMENTS  (click on a link and a new window will open) 

 2017 League Rules      2017 Cup Rules     League Scorecards      Cup Scorecards        Current Contact List 

For all the Hovingham League history, click here


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