Village Hall Renovation

Latest Renovation update:


Renovating old kitchen (Dec 2016): Thanks to a grant from WREN we can complete this project, starting spring 2017.

 New Fire escape door (March 2016): Thanks to a Locality Budget grant from NYCC we have installed a fire escape door in the small meeting room.

 Renovating old kitchen (start Jan 2016): Thanks to a grant from Awards for All we can now replace the rotten floorboards and repair the outside wall.

 Renovating the Back Yard (Nov. 2015): Thanks to a generous grant from Hambleton DC as well as VH funds, the yard is now refurbished

 Refurbishing the floor (Oct. 2015): The wooden floor is now beautiful and clean and repaired and revarnished, thanks to VH funds

 Painting the hall (June/ July 2015): Thank you to all those wonderful people who are helping with painting the hall!

 Grant (May 2015): Thank you to The Walled Gardens Power Company Ltd for a most generous grant towards renovating the Main hall.

 Main Hall (May 2015): It looks transformed - next painting it all; thank you to all those wonderful helpers who made a huge difference to the look of the hall; we will need another painting session to complete.

 Toilets (May 2015): these are currently being painted, and look so much nicer already!

 Grant (April 2015): Thank you to Arcus Ltd for a most generous grant to help pay for the new heating in the Main hall.

 Main Hall (13th April 2015): work has started on the upgrade today.

 Small meeting room (10th April 2015): now freshly painted and available for hire, for small groups.

 Servery (Jan 2015)- nearly finished - just the shutters to be fitted - it looks great!

 Dec. 2014: New store room - we are delighted to announce that there is a new store room for tables and chairs, thanks to Cowlings fitting us into their busy schedule. It's brilliant.

Nov. 2014: The VH Committee is very grateful to APLA, which voted at its committee meeting on 19th November 2014 to make a contribution to the VH restoration funds of £2,400. This will go towards the refurbishment of the main hall, which can hopefully now start early in 2015.

Nov. 2014: We have been incredibly fortunate in receiving a most generous grant from the Garfield Weston Foundation - which will go towards the cost of renovating and insulating the main hall.

Oct. 2014: Over the summer we have been successful in getting a generous grant from Hambleton District Council, which will cover the cost of a new servery for the kitchen. This will be installed soon.

Sept. 2014: A most generous doantion from a former pupil of the old Alne Primary School - now the Village Hall has made it possible to replace the windows in the ladies and gents! Now there is double glazing at last!

Jan. 2014:  The new kitchen is up and running - thanks to a generous grant from Biffa, as well as Easingwold Lions and Howdens. The decorating will be done within the next couple of weeks. Next, we are planning to install a big servery with shutters, once we have the necessary funds for that. And of course there is ongoing fundraising for the insulation of the Main Hall.

Nov/Dec. 2013: We have been successful in our grant application to Biffa Award to renovate and upgrade the kitchen. The old store room is currently being changed into an up to date kitchen with new cooker (at last!) and much wished for access to the back yard (for those balmy summer evenings, sitting out and sipping coffee....).

Aug/Sept. 2013: We are excited to learn that we have been successful in our grant application to Awards for All to remove the asbestos ceiling tiles. The tiles are being replaced by proper plaster boards, with decent insulation (there wasn't any before!), and new energy efficient lights. The toilets will also have motion sensors fitted, so that the lights will switch on and off automatically.

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