The Home Page of the Hovingham Mixed Tennis League (14 clubs, 28 teams)

The 2020 League is postponed sine die.

If there is any possibility of a shorter league format starting later in the summer, we will put this forward. We would also like to keep the dinner in place for Monday 12-October, even if it is only for social reasons. Please keep this date pencilled in, it is a long way off.



Robert Brech, Alne, Secretary. Alex Jones, Raskelf. Julia Histon, Pickering.

Contact the Secretary on [email protected] or 01347-838265 or 07724-185661.


2020 LEAGUE AND CUP  (click on a link and a new window will open). 

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2020 Men's Doubles Fixtures      2020 Ladies' Fixtures

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For all the Hovingham League history, click here 

The 2019 Presentation Dinner was held on Monday 14-October. Click here to view a list of prizewinners. 

Want to see the photos of the event? Go to: Hovingham League Dinner 2019.10.14



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