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Latest news from Alne Village:

30-Sep-2014: The autumn historical postcard can be seen on the History tab.

26-Sep-2014: The October Parish Magazine can be accessed here. The next instalment of the Alne people who went to WW1 can be accessed here.

24-Sep-2014: Margaret's Friday morning tennis coaching sessions have re-started. See the tab tennis/coaching for details.

30-Aug-2014: The Parish Council meeting to discuss the Village Farm planning application was attended by about 30 people and a lively discussion ensued. The formal response from the Parish Council to HDC can be accessed here.

21-Aug-2014: The September Parish Magazine can be accessed here.

12-Aug-2014: The Parish Council meeting to discuss the Village Farm planning application (see 06-Aug entry below) will be held on Tuesday 26-August in the Village Hall. The meeting will start at 8:00pm but the plans will be available to view from 7:30pm.

Please note that the Parish Council is only one consultee and there is no evidence that our views are listened to any more than anyone else's. If you have specific comments you wish to make, it is essential that you make them direct to HDC, the planning authority.

06-Aug-2014: Planning applications have been received for a significant development on the site of Village Farm (eight houses, five of which are 'affordable'), land at the end of Jack Hole (two houses) and land at the bend of Oak Busks Lane (one farmhouse and two agricultural buildings). The Parish Council has (a) asked for a time extension - [now granted to 01-Sep] (b) requested for the matter to come before the full HDC planning committee rather than being a delegated decision [now agreed] and (c) is planning a meeting on this subject in the last week of August, in order to obtain the views of villagers before formulating its response.

The documents can be viewed online at the HDC planning portal under references 14/01513/FUL and 14/01514/FUL or at the HDC office in Northallerton. One full set of plans is also circulating the Parish Councillors in the village. You can also click here for a map of the proposed Village Farm houses and here for a map of the proposed houses at the end of Jack Hole.

04-Aug-2014: Lee Walker is providing a monthly history of Alne people in WW1. Each month, over the next four years, she will be remembering those Alne men who took up the challenge of defending 'King and Country', often at the expense of their lives or health. The stories will all be on the History/WW1 tab, but you can read the first instalment by clicking here.