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  Alne Station Sign terracotta rectangleAlne Station Sign blue totem

Alne verges for website A5 trimmed


The next Alne Street Fayre is on Sunday 10-June 2018:

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 Latest news from Alne Village:

19-Apr-2018: At last year's Street Fayre we had a lovely display of crochet and knitted bunting. This year we are adding to the woolly collection by creating a timeline from 2018 back to 1918 (to complement the 'Step Back in Time' competitions theme). We are hoping to have a 'signpost' for each decade plus some novelty items to represent different specific years. Examples alongside. If you would like to be involved and contribute, please contact Helen Dawson at  838582 or cellohelen@gmail.com

17-Apr-2018: The 2018 Street Fayre competitions can now be seen and downloaded from:  http://www.alnestreetfayre.co.uk/competitions.html

30-Mar-2018: A new indexed map of the village has been created (courtesy of author Colin Day) which includes many of the new developments in the village. Find the link to this on the maps page.

29-Mar-2018: This week should see completion of the setts on the northern side of the eastern arm of the verge restoration. After the Easter break, work will commence on the southern side of the eastern arm where the laying of setts on the already-laid concrete is the next task. Once this is complete, there will be new tarmac laid next to the new setts throughout the village and the newly-laid earth will be levelled and seeded.

27-Mar-2018: Consideration is being given to having new signs identifying the historic location of the Alne Station community. The rectangular terracotta sign is more historially accurate in regard to what would have said "Alne" on the station platform. The BR 'totem' sign did not come in until after Alne station had closed but, as shown here in LNER blue, might be more recognisable to a younger generation. If you live at Alne Station and have a view, contact Kevin Hunter (who is co-ordinating the residents' response) at kandchunter@btinternet.com  If you live outside Alne Station and have a view, please send it in via the Contact page.


Earlier links to Winter Wednesday Wise Words can be found in the 2018 News Archive under the History tab.