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Restoration of the Alne Verges
The next stage on this project is for Alne Parish Council to obtain a loan from the Public Works Loan Board to enable us to  pay our share of the cost while awaiting the income from the increased precept. This loan will be at 1.1% and the cost is  already included in the overall project total. In order to ensure full transparency, the PWLB requires the following  paragraph to be publicised, giving all Alne residents the opportunity to comment, if they so desire. For more detail, see the entry for 24-Feb in Latest News on the right side of this page. Deadline for comment is 30-April.

At the Alne Parish Council Meeting of Tuesday 13 December 2016 it was RESOLVED to seek the approval of the  Secretary of State for Communities to apply for a PWLB loan of £50,000 over 4 years for the kerbing of greens in Main Street in order to prevent further damage and restore the previous erosion. The annual loan repayments will come to around £12,814 and these will be paid from the 2017-18 precept budget. In addition, the Parish Council has also increased the precept to repay the loan by 164%  which is equivalent to a new value of about £61.61 for a Band D house.
If you would like to send any feedback, views or opinions on this matter please do so through the Contact page on this website, including your name(s) and address.

The two left-hand pictures show some of the problem areas, the right-hand picture shows an indication of the proposed solution.Alne verges picture for website-page0001 cropped


     2017 Alne Street Fayre : Sunday 11-June

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  Winter Wednesday Limerick #10

  A lady from Bristol called Bligh,

  Who all of her life had been shy,

  Was cured in a week

  By two Poles and a Greek

  Whom she met on the Island of Skye

     (Courtesy Michael Palin) 


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