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  Verge damage 2018.03.12Verges 3 2018.02.20 cropped

Alne verges for website A5 trimmed


The next Alne Street Fayre is on Sunday 10-June 2018:

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Alne Street Fayre 2013 busy chillin


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Latest news from Alne Village:

14-Mar-2018: Click here for this week's Website Winter Wednesday Wise Words (#11).

12-Mar-2018: If anyone has any information of which idiot did this damage to the new verges, please send it through the contact page. These restored verges are being paid for by all of us in the community and this sort of damage is absolutely mindless and unnecessary. We, the community, need to make a stand.

10-Mar-2018: Thank you to all of those who helped with the litter-pick this morning, despite the pouring rain. We collected 15 black bags of rubbish in total.

07-Mar-2018: Click here for this week's Website Winter Wednesday Wise Words (#10).

03-Mar-2018: The village clean-up has been postponed until next Saturday.

28-Feb-2018: Click here for this week's Website Winter Wednesday Wise Words (#9). And here and here for pithy additions to earlier postings.

26-Feb-2018: Advance notification that Alne is taking part in the Great British Springclean. This is an activity by the community for the community. Please join us at 10:00 next Sunday outside the Village Hall. Thank you.

26-Feb-2018: Click here for the March Parish Newsletter (in full colour)

21-Feb-2018: A new venture is coming to the village from Wednesday 28th Feb. Every Wednesday from 3:00 - 6:00pm, outside the village hall, Farmgate Farmshop will hold a mobile shop, selling free range meats, dairy products, honey, breads, all locally sourced. The farm is just outside Easingwold, at Thornton on the Hill.

21-Feb-2018: Website Winter Wednesday Wise Words #8 can be seen here.

20-Feb-2018: Today is the day that the verges on the western arm have been completed (see photo) and are just awaiting new tarmac on the road side.

17-Feb-2018: Work on the restoration of the verges continues, with the western arm expected to be completed with setts this coming week, and then just awaiting tarmac and earth. Attention will then return to the eastern arm with a road closure planned. Once all the new setts are in place, new tarmac will be laid on the edges of the road, at least one metre wide, and the line of setts will be back-filled with earth and seed.

Earlier links to Winter Wednesday Wise Words can be found in the 2018 News Archive under the History tab.