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Restoration of the Alne Verges
The two left-hand pictures show some of the problem areas, the right-hand picture shows an indication of the proposed solution. For all the detail, click here.
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Alne Street Fayre is on Sunday 11-June 2017:

Alne Street Fayre 2013 busy chillin


     Click here for the full-colour Church restoration brochure

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  Winter Wednesday Limerick #10

  A lady from Bristol called Bligh,

  Who all of her life had been shy,

  Was cured in a week

  By two Poles and a Greek

  Whom she met on the Island of Skye

     (Courtesy Michael Palin) 


Latest news from Alne Village:

25-May-2017: Click here to see the June Parish Newsletter (in full colour). The Chris Park au revoir letter. 

16-May-2017: A reminder of the Spring plant sale at the Village Hall this Sunday morning. Click here for details. 

06-May-2017: Good at knitting or crochet? Why not add to the village bunting down Church Wind for Street Fayre day? Click here for a knitting pattern or here for crochet. Finished bunting to go to Helen Dawson at 5 Gale Road.

06-May-2017: All the Winter Wednesday limericks will disappear on 31-May. So enjoy them now while they are still available.

06-May-2017: Click here to see the May Parish Newsletter (in full colour).

24-Apr-2017: The latest Leonard Cheshire Alne Hall Newsletter can be found here.

16-Apr-2017: Alne Rainbows are in danger of closing down unless additional help can be found. Please read their heartfelt plea here and contact Liz on 830127 for further info.

16-Apr-2017: Please see the update alongside on the restoration of the Alne verges. The survey is now closed but you can see the detail by clicking here.

29-Mar-2017: The final Website Winter Wednesday limerick can be found here.

24-Mar-2017: A new map of the Alne Station area has been added to the Maps tab.