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The next Alne Street Fayre is on Sunday 09-June 2019:

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 Latest news from Alne Village:

22-Feb-2019: A working party from the Parish Council and the Primary School are considering options for reducing the morning and afternoon danger and congestion at the Village Hall corner. Should we have a kiss-and-drop zone, should we have a one-way system, should we have yellow lines etc? If you have any ideas or suggestions at this early stage, please contact Parish Councillor John Newton ( [email protected] or 838688), or School Governor Dennis Myers (838552 or [email protected] )

22-Feb-2019: See the picture alongside for the amazing Les Parapluies d'Alne and click here to read all about it.

14-Feb-2019: The February mid-month conundrum. A man was born in March but celebrates his birthday in September. He married, quite legally, his sister but died a bachelor. How can this be? Answer at the end of the month.

13-Feb-2019: A proposal to locate an anaerobic digester in Tollerton is being discussed. Tollerton Parish Council and many residents are objecting. Click here for a brief summary and a map of the area likely to be affected by additional traffic movements. As you will see, this is also an issue for Alne. If you wish to make comments, the attachment tells you where to lodge them. We believe that NYCC are discussing this within the next couple of weeks so an early response is recommended.

07-Feb-2019: Main Street will be closed next week for new sewer connection works outside Spring Cottage. The diversion will be through Mitchell Lane and Gale Road.

06-Feb-2019: The sludge-gulper, which was operating at the east end of Main Street for much of last night, was dealing with a blocked sewer, the crew being hampered by their inability to open the relevant manhole covers! The cause has now been identified as a collapsed sewer outside Holly Bank and repair works are in hand. Any queries should be addressed to Yorkshire Water.

04-February-2019: To celebrate 50 years since the Apollo 11 moon landing, the theme of the competitions at this year's Street Fayre on 09-June will be 'Outer Space'. As well as moon and space-themed competitions and displays, there will be a Street Fayre stall selling children's space books and other space-themed goodies. If anyone is having a clear out and would like to donate second -hand children's books (space topics only!) then do please get in touch with Helen on 838582 or [email protected] 

03-February-2019: Click here to read the February Parish Newsletter (in full colour).

28-Jan-2019: Make a date in your diary for this year's annual litter pick around the village. Sunday 03-March from 09:00 to 11:00. Meet at the Village Hall and help to take pride in your village. Just bring gloves, everything else will be provided.

26-Jan-2019: Another milestone for the Village Hall renovation project - painting works have just been completed, of entrance hall, toilets and bits and pieces in the main hall. Looks great! Thanks to Dan and his crew. 

23-Jan-2019: The seventh instalment of Lee Walker's history of local men who went to war in WW1 is now available. Click here to read the story of Henry Galloway. See the tab for History/WW1 for earlier instalments.

14-Jan-2019: The January mid-month conundrum. A rather disorganised man lives in Manhattan and has girlfriends in The Bronx and Brooklyn. He visits one of them each weekend but he can't decide which one he prefers so he goes to the subway and gets on the first train that arrives. Trains come in both directions at 10-minute intervals. Over time, he finds that he is spending 90% of his weekends in Brooklyn and only 10% in The Bronx. Why is this? Answer on 31-January - no prizes apart from proud satisfaction! Read the answer here.