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The next Alne Street Fayre is on Sunday 07-June 2020:

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 Latest news from Alne Village:

16-Sep-2019: The draft Minutes of the Public Meeting regarding planning matters held on 12-August, have now been made available. Click here to view them.

13-Sep-2019: The September conundrum is in three parts: 

1. The Jones family has two children. I have seen one of them, which was a boy. What is the chance that the other is also a boy? 

2. The Smith family has two children, the elder of which is a boy. What is the chance that the other is also a boy? 

3. Are the answers to these two questions the same?

No cash prize this month but honour and kudos to correct answers submittd through the Contact page by 30-Sep.

01-Sep-2019: The solution to the August Conundrum can be found under the entry for 11-July below.

29-Aug-2019: The September Parish Newsletter (in full colour) can be accessed here.

26-Jul-2019: Further improvements to the Alne verges will be taking place shortly. Removal of the unsightly stumps of cherry trees will be taking place on Friday 02-August and a further round of crocus planting is being planned for the autumn. Please click here for further detail.

11-Jul-2019: The July mid-month conundrum. Now that school holidays are nearly upon us, here is a slightly harder one. A prize will be drawn among correct answers submitted through the contact page by 31-August. 

A diner pays a bill of £30 to the waiter. When the waiter gives the £30 to the cashier, the cashier realises that the diner has been overcharged £5. She gives £5 to the waiter to refund to the diner. However, the waiter is dishonest, and he tells the diner that he has been overcharged £3, and only refunds him £3, keeping the other £2 for himself. 

Now, the diner has paid £27, the waiter has kept £2. Where is the remaining £1 of the original £30? See the solution here.

27-Jun-2019: A serendipitous visit to York station today found your editor with The Scarborough Spa Express entering Platform 5 en route from Carnforth to Scarborough. Enjoy the picture below!

21-Jun-2019: Information about The Pearson Trust, a small local charity started in 1882 has now been added to the website. You can find out all about it by clicking here.

 Scarborough Spa Express