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14-May-2022: Use of Linton-on-Ouse RAF base for asylum seekers. Click here to see Hambleton District Council's current position on this subject.

05-May-2022: Congratulations to Nigel Knapton, Clerk to Alne Parish Council, who has been elected to the new North Yorkshire Council, representing the Easingwold ward, which includes Alne. And to Alne resident, Malcolm Taylor, who has been elected to the new North Yorkshire Council, representing the Huby and Tollerton ward. Results of the 2022 Parish Council election can be seen here.

03-May-2022: Click here to see the May Parish newsletter (in full colour!)

28-Mar-2022: Outwood Academy in Alne is hoping to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee throughout the school. In Year 6 ,children will create a resource entitled ‘Our Queen’. They hope to gain witness testimony (oral interviews, written documentation) of local people’s memories of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. This will be a historical source for future generations and a website will be created from this research. If you are interested in being interviewed by the pupils on any memories of growing up in her reign, please contact Juliet Robson on : [email protected]

23-Mar-2022: Exactly two years since the start of the first lockdown. The seventh (and final?) chapter of The Coronavirus Plague in Alne can be found by clicking here. It includes a timeline of the two-year history, a teaser of which is shown below.

  • Pandemic timeline faded V2
  • 2022.03.14 Ukraine V2

06-Mar-2022: A research project on the development of the Gale Garth estate in the 1960s and the renaming of Back Lane to Gale Road in the 1970s has been carried out. Click here to read it.

03-Feb-2022: The proposal for a running track within Alne Park (see entry for 27-Sep-2021 in the News archive) has been resurrected but, unlike Lazarus, is in the last-chance saloon. Contact Katrina on [email protected] or 07599-752663 or don't moan if it doesn't happen!

07-Jan-2022: Missing Bridge. Alne Parish Council has been in regular touch with NYCC on the question of the missing footbridge over the river Kyle. Their official word in January-2022 is that 2022/23 funding for footpaths is looking more healthy and they are “reasonably confident” that our bridge will be restored, probably in the summer of 2022. Thanks to Councillor Colin Fletcher for keeping on top of this.

Alne Street Fayre: Is the annual fund-raising event for Alne Parish Leisure Association (APLA, UK Charity number 516566) to raise funds for the maintenance and improvement of the Alne playground, recreation areas and sports field. Click on the Street Fayre photo below to go straight to the Alne Street Fayre website.

The next Alne Street Fayre is on Sunday 19-June-2022. Hover and click on the image to go straight to the Alne Street Fayre website

Alne Coronavirus Support Group: If you need help, please contact Eddie Edwards, the central co-ordinator, on 833269, 07583-377276 or [email protected] 

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Daily Newspaper delivery and general stores
Tollerton Stores 838436

Sunday Newspaper delivery. Click here.

Bakery van outside Village Hall every Saturday 08:00 – 09:00
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Farmshop making weekly (Wednesdays) deliveries in the village. See    https://farmgatefarmshop.com

Milk delivery (and cream, eggs, yoghurts etc)
 Contact Liz and Andrew Wade on 838806


Heating Oil purchase co-operative. Click here.

Buses to Easingwold and York. Click here   

Morrisons weekly bus to Boroughbridge. 11:00 Mondays. Click here.

Sports: Thriving tennis and cricket clubs. For tennis, click here.
For cricket, go to https://www.alnecc.co.uk/

Alne Street Fayre, raising funds for the Alne recreation ground, sports field and play park. Now in its 36th year. The next Alne Street Fayre is on Sunday 19-June 2022.

Maps. Historical maps are displayed in the Village Hall. There is an indexed map of Alne houses on the Parish Council notice board. Other maps of Alne and Alne Station can be found here.