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08-Oct-2021: Chapter 5 of the diary of the Coronavirus Plague in Alne (covering May to September 2021) can now be read by clicking here. Earlier chapters can be found here

30-Sep-2021: Defibrillator training. The first post-Covid training session on the Alne defibrillator will take place on Tuesday 19-October at 8:00pm in the Village Hall. Contact Parish Councillor Eddie Edwards on 07583-377276 or [email protected] to book a place. First come, first served.

27-Sep-2021: Running Track in Alne? Alne Parish Leisure Association (APLA), the charity that runs the leisure and sports facilities on the main playing field, are looking at the possibility of installing a wheelchair-accessible 500-metre running track around the perimeter of the park. Current thoughts are that this would be along the lines of the successful track recently installed at Millfield in Easingwold.

Would you be a user of this facility? Would you help to make it happen? We believe that APLA can fund this with the help of relevant grants but we will still need a small enthusiastic working group to take this project forward and bring it to fruition. If you are interested in using such a facility and/or helping to make it happen, please register your interest by calling 838265, by emailing Robert at [email protected], or by using the Contact facility on this website. Thank you.

26-Sep-2021: Click here to see the October Parish newsletter (in full colour!)

14-Sep-2021: Alne Tennis Club 2022 offer. Join now and get the rest of 2021 absolutely free. Click here for details.

10-Sep-2021: At the request of Alne Parish Council, the collection point for the Easingwold District Food Bank has been re-instituted at Spring Cottage. Same place as it was during the lockdowns, on the north side of Main Street, two houses to the east of the main X-roads. Our thanks to the McCraes who lend their enthusiasm, their concern and their garden for this very worthwhile project.

05-Aug-2021: New updated indexed maps of Alne are now available. Click here for Alne East or Alne West.

19-Jun-2021: Alne Village Speed SurveysYou may have noticed that Alne Parish Council has been carrying out speed checks around the village over the last seven weeks. These will continue at different locations and times and a report on the evidence and conclusions will be made back to Alne Parish Council in due course. No individual data from these surveys is being shared outside Alne Parish Council.

19-Jun-2021: Missing bridge: Alne Parish Council has been in contact again with NYCC Footpaths about the missing bridge over the Kyle and the dangerous and unacceptable diversion along the main road. We are assured again that we are the top priority in Hambleton District although we understand that the recent collapse of a footbridge in Thirsk may take a higher priority as it is much more heavily used. Alne Parish Council has no direct responsibility for footpaths and bridges although we will of course continue to press our case.

Alne Street Fayre: Is the annual fund-raising event for Alne Parish Leisure Association (APLA, UK Charity number 516566) to raise funds for the maintenance and improvement of the Alne playground, recreation areas and sports field. Click on the Street Fayre photo below to go straight to the Alne Street Fayre website.

The next Alne Street Fayre is on Sunday 19-June-2022. Hover and click on the image to go straight to the Alne Street Fayre website

Alne Coronavirus Support Group: If you need help, please contact Eddie Edwards, the central co-ordinator, on 833269, 07583-377276 or [email protected] 

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Daily Newspaper delivery and general stores
Tollerton Stores 838436

Sunday Newspaper delivery. Click here.

Bakery van outside Village Hall every Saturday 08:00 – 09:00
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Farmshop making weekly (Wednesdays) deliveries in the village. See    https://farmgatefarmshop.com

Milk delivery (and cream, eggs, yoghurts etc)
 Contact Liz and Andrew Wade on 838806


Heating Oil purchase co-operative. Click here.

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Morrisons weekly bus to Boroughbridge. 11:00 Mondays. Click here.

Sports: Thriving tennis and cricket clubs. For tennis, click here.
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Alne Street Fayre, raising funds for the Alne recreation ground, sports field and play park. Now in its 36th year. The next Alne Street Fayre is on Sunday 19-June 2022.

Maps. Historical maps are displayed in the Village Hall. There is an indexed map of Alne houses on the Parish Council notice board. Other maps of Alne and Alne Station can be found here.