Alne Local and Fair Trade Market

Owing to the current uncertainties regular dates for this year have not been set; the event will occur ad hoc and will be advertised locally.


The Market was set up in 2008, following a Fair Trade Fortnight event in the village hall, which was so successful, that a group of people felt that we should have a market more than once a year. Since then we have held a market in the village hall, with a variety of stalls and great refreshments (such as the much loved bacon and eggie butties). Indeed, the profits from the café go to local and international charities.

The stalls sell locally made products, which have ranged from bread, cakes, garden produce, jewellery, cards to soaps (for example). There is always a stall selling fairly-traded products, including foods, crafts and sometimes clothing. And of course the cafe is worth getting out of bed for on a Saturday morning!

For more information, if you want to help (an extra pair of hands is always needed in the cafe!) or if you want to set up a stall to sell your own products, please contact Tricia on 01347 838569. 

Website Winter Wednesday Wise Words #8

He was right, so right, as he sped along
But he’s just as dead now as if he’d been wrong.

Generally thought to relate to sailor Johnny or Michael or Edward O’Day (sources vary). O’Day was insisting on his navigation rights and presumably met a watery grave under the bows of some tramp steamer. Today, it is a very useful tip for staying out of trouble on the roads using defensive driving techniques. 

Regular reader (and sailor) Dr Liz Fox has added this epitaph for the unfortunate sailor:

Here lies the body of Johnny O'Day
Who insisted on his right of way.