NEW: 15-Jun-2021: We are updating the Alne map of indexed houses. Feedback is required on any errors, changes of name or new houses. Please click on the relevant map Alne East or Alne West. Deadline for receipt of new info is Sunday 25-July.

How to provide updated information or amendments to the maps:

* Notify simple changes (e.g. change of house names) to us through the Contact page on this website, using the reference number of the house on the relevant map. (e.g. Alne East 60 Te Newydd is now called Long Last)

* Addition of houses is best done by annotating a printed copy of the relevant map and sending it as a pdf to [email protected] or through the door at Apple Trees, 6 Hallgarth. Note that all the houses are shown in an approximate correct orientation so keep this in mind as you add.

* Please note that the inclusion of house names is limited to those that have been approved by HDC and are on the official Post Office listing and electoral register.

* Do not attempt to change the reference numbers on the map – this is done automatically later on.

Click here for a map of Alne Village including the Conservation Area and the Development Limits. If you need to rotate it, right click on the image and choose Rotate.

Click here for another map of Alne Village with houses indexed. This is the old 2018 version which is being updated - see above.

Click here for a map of the Alne Station area.

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President Jed Bartlett in The West Wing.  Another truism – you can’t affect things if you are not taking part.
And Benjamin Disraeli said something similar.