The Home Page of the Hovingham Mixed Tennis League (12 clubs, 20 teams)

The 2022 AGM was held virtually on Thursday 24-March. The Minutes can be accessed by clicking here.

The 2022 Presentation Dinner is on Monday 10-October and will be organised by Sheriff Hutton.


Robert Brech (Alne), Secretary
Dot Hornby (Tollerton); Dee D'Alessio (Coxwold);
Contact the Secretary on [email protected] or 01347-838265 or 07724-185661.


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For all the Hovingham League history, click here  

The 2019 Presentation Dinner was held on Monday 14-October. Click here to view a list of prizewinners.  

The 2021 Presentation dinner took place on Monday 11-October at The Forest and Vale Hotel in Pickering. 49 people attended and a good time was had by all. Click here for a list of prizewinners. Click here to go to the photo gallery..