Alne Oil Co-operative

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The scheme proved so popular that it outgrew the original model.  Working with the suppliers, we have been using a new, more efficient (efficient = lower cost) model since 1st March 2014.

How the Scheme Works

When a member requires oil, they will go to a password protected page on the supplier's website and place their order.  When there are sufficient orders from a community to fill a road tanker (14,000 litres), the oil will be delivered.  Other than during December, deliveries will be made within ten working days of the order being placed – probably sooner. Payment will be taken by Direct Debit two weeks after the delivery is made. The commodity price changes constantly, so it is not possible to quote a price in advance and members will pay the price prevailing on the delivery day. The Syndicate coordinators have access to the supplier’s books for the purpose of auditing to confirm that the correct price is being charged to the member.

The new model is more efficient and effective for all concerned and will allow us to continue to enjoy prices that are generally well below that which can be obtained on the open market.  And, of course, the significantly-reduced vehicle mileage facilitated by group buying will benefit the environment.


The scheme is open to local residents, charities and local schools located in Alne and the surrounding settlements. Businesses may join the scheme subject to receipt of an annual payment of £50 to a local charity. 

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